The Calling ~ Inger Ash Wolfe

callingPolice procedurals/crime novels (especially serial killer type crime novels) are not my usual reading subjects. But somewhere I read something good about this book and put it on my reading list. And so read it. Let’s leave aside the crime aspect for a minute.

There are a number of characters here that are well written. Not the least of whom is the principal (Hazel Micallef). Micallef is a 60-something  acting police chief of Port Dundas, a small provincial town in Canada. Divorced, she drinks to much and suffers from sever back pain. Her mother lives with her and she has a marginal relationship with her children. She’s a character with real depth but by no means perfect. Her relationships with her superiors and her subordinates are among the pleasures of this novel.

The relationships are important,  as is the setting. Part of the unique twist on the crime solving is that this is a group that is rarely tasked with crimes of this nature. With all that though, they go about their work with an admirable diligence. As for the crime itself, suffice it to say that it’s the discovery that a serial killer is loose and making his or her way across Canada. The nature of the crimes and the motivations behind them,  lend an ethical and moral aspect to the crimes that are unusual.

Whether this is headed for cinema or not, I have no idea. But as I read, I sure couldn’t shake the image of Helen Mirren in the role. As I read it,  Prime Suspect certainly came to mind. 



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