Be Mine!

kyAn add (nearly 1/2 page color) appeared in this morning’s paper. In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, K-Y Brand is putting on a full court press. I guess if the people who put out the little sugar-candy hearts with brief messages on them can do their thing, then why not K-Y Brand? If the candy can say “I Luv U”, then KY’s equivalent is “Take Love to A Whole New Place”

Whether you have a flame that needs rekindling or you´re looking to take your relationship to the next level, we´ve got the perfect adventure for you both. It´s simple. You apply the product to each other. The blue goes on him for an invigorating sensation. The purple goes on her for a thrilling sensation. And when combine, there´s an amazing reaction.

Remember: Blue for him, and purple (not pink?) for her. DO NOT MIX THEM UP! An amazing reaction. Sounds the the sexual equivalent of Krazy Glue.


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