How we do it in Beijing

sanluIn America, when high ranking officials (aka “Fat Cats”) are seen to be culpable for some outrage fostered on the public…an outrage that causes people sicken and die, but turn a blind eye to…when these people are outed and receive an official slap on the wrist, we say – half jokingly – they should be shot. But we don’t really mean that. Do we?

In China, they do. Yesterday, Chinese courts sentenced two men to death for their involvement in the tainted milk scandal at the now bankrupt Sanlu Group. Chinese justice. Verdicts came out of closed court sessions, and many see this as the easiest response for the regime, rather than resolving longer term issues and properly compensating victims. The Chinese method here is a far cry from the way we do it in the good ole USA.

But put it to a popular vote? A crowd pleasing thumbs up or thumbs down – forget about the ‘law’, and ‘rights’ and all that theoretical crap – the US populace might have opted for executions as well. Maybe even a few more.

Can some do a poll on this please?


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