Across The Great Divide

barack-oI was working today, so I didn’t get much of a chance to see any of the Inaugural events. A very, very special day, though. There were great segments of our population so moved and revitalized, that the mood must have been magical. And it extends around the world. Barack O got what?….over 51% of the American vote.? So there were probably that many people that were transported. At the very least. Let’s say that even many of those that didn’t support him, have been touched.


Still, I hate to be the cynic and spread the discouraging word. We’re focused on the positive. And we should. But for a moment consider. There is still a large group of the population (30%, 40%…more?) that await with glee the prospect of his failure. There are many reasons for this. Racism. Brain-washed by the rhetoric of the right (less guvmint!). Ideology.

I would like to believe that we’ve crossed the Great Divide and we’ve seen a sea change in the way we approach politics. But don’t look back. Between the great divide and the people still on the other side, there’s a deepening chasm. The Great Abyss yawns.

This I fear.


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