Farewell and GOODBYE!

shrubSort of appropriate that a plane crash knocks The Bush off the Big News ‘O The Day. His tenure after all was most like a plane crash. Unlike the ditch in the Hudson today, there were lots and lots of   causalities under this pilot.

The Bush again touted all the “tough” decisions he had to make. Memo to G: Wrong does not equate to tough. Though admittedly, it must be tough to be so wrong so much of the time.

But I’d suggest this as a memoriam to his Presidency. Next time the Dictionary is published, put a picture of Bush next to this definition.

Main Entry:
: partiality to cronies especially as evidenced in the appointment of political hangers-on to office without regard to their qualifications

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One response to “Farewell and GOODBYE!

  1. exactly what i was thinking, tough decisions or not, you’re supposed to make the RIGHT decisions, duh

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