Damn Yankees – again

new-yankee-stadium-modelJust another whiny Red Sox fan? Mebbe. But this Village Voice article notes some public largess at the expense of New York taxpayers. The recipient? The New York Yankees? You know…the same team on a 1/2 Billion $ spending spree. Well.

In 1976, YS had been refurbished with the aid of $100 Mil in public assistance. 2006? $942 Mill in tax free financing. This week? $370 Mill in tax exempt bonds.

The Red Sox?Maybe they got a 10% discount on some permits to close off Yawkey Way or something. I don’t know.  But this may explain the Yankees and Red Sox different approaches to spending this off-season. For the Yanqui Imperialist Bastids it’s: I see it, I like it, I buys it. Every Conspicuous Consumers dream. For the Red Sox it’s every low cost, low-risk surgically repaired player they can find!

Meanwhile, Yankees President and the head of the New York City Industrial Development Authority have been asked (subpoenaed actually) to appear tomorrow before a state Assembly committee probing the taxpayer-backed financing of a new stadium for the team.  Money talks and bullshit walks. But we knew that.


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