Mission Accomplished


The days dwindle down
to a precious few

As Bush The Younger wanders around the castle in the waning days of his reign, I wonder when the rehab will start. Because it always seems to. The Nixon rehab continues (some are tougher than others). W’s rehab will center around Iraq and his Doctrine (remember that Sarah?): the ends justify the means. When all is said and done, and when the dust truly does settle, W will begin to be the recipient of re-written history. Never mind what happened in between. Never mind that the country was nearly bankrupted in the process. Like Nixon’s China, Bush’s Iraq will become the cornerstone of his library in Waxahatchee or wherever the hell it finds itself.

And then there’s this. When Bush The Elder had the mammoth warship named after him the pother day, I had a thought. Perhaps someday W can get a nice shiny new carrier named after him. We’ll call it, of course the USS Mission Accomplished .


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