Righteous Kill ~ (USA,2008) ~ DVD

righteous-killBecause of the cast, this is a movie I was compelled to watch. Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino. Yes, they’ve both turned into Marlon Brando in some ways, but you gotta keep looking. Carla Cugino (HBO’s Entourage) I figured was worth a look see too.

The thing I did though, was set my expectations way low. Had to do it. I won’t say that made this movie tolerable. Because it wasn’t so bad that it had to be propped up with that sentiment. But it probably made for  a viewing experience that  was better than it might have been otherwise. Let’s just say that.

RighteousKill has both veteran actors in roles they’ve played before: grizzled, worn down cops who have seen (and maybe) done it all. One or both of them have, in rogue cop fashion, taken things a bit too far. It’s not hard to figure out what’s going on, what with the camera shots never showing the face of the culprit. But as you view it, it’s either the lamest red herring you’ve ever seen, or it’s pointing to ‘the other guy’.

God, both guys look so tired and play their roles that way. True, that works somewhat here, since they are supposed to be tired and worn out. Weary of it all. Pacino has some moments. DeNiro never does find the center.

If you’re not compelled to watch these two guys, skip it. If you are, don’t ask for too much. You won’t get it.



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