Cuba, Si!

hemingwayAlong toward the end of January, and during a 30-day window, I’m beginning to think about a short (week) vacation. Lately, I’ve been doing European cities (Prague, Dubrovnik, Istanbul) or film festivals (Toronto). What I need about now though is sun, sand and a few books. While noodling around for something at the usual places (Expedia, etc.) nothing really blew me away. Ideally, I’d want a place that I could open the door and I’d  step right onto beach sand. Then I got to thinking….

Then I got to thinking: Cuba. WTF not? I think this can be done. And the embargo is probably on its last legs, so now may be the time before the floodgates open. Appears that most Americans  travel via Cancun, so I’m gonna look at that. Next major decision is whether I book a short 4-dayer in Cancun and then fly to Cuba for a 3 night stay. in Havana..or book a 7-day vacation in Cuba at a beach with an excursion or two into Havana.

What are they gonna do? Throw me in jail?


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