Ixnay on the Ushbay

bushWord is that the touts are beginning the  Push for Bush in, if not 4 years, then in 8, at least. Yes, there’s another Bush waiting in the wings. Or the Outhouse. One is never sure. Please. Can we have no more Bushes during my lifetime, ok?

Seems we Americans still have that atavistic urge for dynasties and royal families. Adamses, Roosevelts, Kennedy’s, Clintons. Bushes. Better we hearken back to the inspirational words of Lady Bird Johnson: “Plant a Bush” jerry-lewis[not to mention a shrub or a tree.]

Besides, isn’t this next Bush the separated at birth twin of Jerry Lewis? No? Don’t see it?

beau-bridgesHow about Beau Bridges? C’mon…this guy reminds  me of someone.  Maybe it’s just the name. It’s sort of common these days. Remember, this is the guy who almost singlehandedly elected the last President. You know. The one before Barack Obama.What was his name? Bush. That’s it. How could I forget…


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