Trash Talkin’

In Thanks You Very My Much, I was blogging a little about the mysteries of Word (especially) spell-checker. Well, here’s a random thought. What about deleting e-mails?

At work (Outlook/Microsoft Exchange) we move unwanted e-mails to a bin or bucket or wastebasket by pressing the Delete      “X” – generally. There are some e-mails (or should I say e-mail chains) that get particularly obtuse and irritating as some individuals refuse to hear anything other than what they want to hear. Eventually, I give up and “Delete”.

Are you sure?


Sigh…Somehow this experience is only momentarily satisfying. I wish it were more so. And then I noticed in gmail this morning  a richer, more rewarding feeling. You do ‘hit’ the Delete button, but the message you get?

The conversation has been moved to the trash

!! Now that’s what I’m talking about !!


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