Film 2008 – The List

filmI see a lot of films, but only a spare amount of them do I actually go to the theater to see anymore. Of the 94 movies I saw this year, most of them were of the Netflix variety. Of those that I saw on cable (premium) most are nearer the bottom of the list. I’m never too disappointed when I actually spend cash money and go out to the movies. Most of these tend to be very highly rated and chosen carefully. Of the top 10 this year, four of them I ventured out for. The other six were all Netflix arrivals.

There were only two other films that I saw on theaters that fell out of the Top 10: Atonement at #14, and the irritating There Will Be Blood at #39. Probably irritating in that it was a huge disappointment for me. Herewith, my Top Ten Movies of 2008.Only the first three rated the Full Five, the other 7 fell to 4/5 stars. All linked to my reviews:

  1. The Edge of Heaven (Theater): Fatih Akin is a director that impresses me more with each outing. This one was truly moving. AKin is fond of intersecting the lives of characters, which he does with style. This is out on DVD now and you should queue it up (if you haven’t already)
  2. Michael Clayton (DVD): This lived up to its hype. Good old fashioned film making that is non-stop entertainment.
  3. Slumdog Millionaire (Theater): Slums, humiliation and degradation of females, abject poverty. A joyous film. Yes, that’s right. Not a Bollywood film, but it closes with a Bollywood number over the closng credits. Do not leave the theater. Headed for a sure Oscar. This one won the People’s Choice Award at TIFF this year, though I did not see it there.
  4. Away From Her (DVD): I still think of this movie sometimes and the wonderful Julie Christie. That tells ‘ya all you need to know.
  5. The Visitor (Theater): Maybe I rated this one a little too generously, but I liked it,ok?

And the next five? All DVD’s, except for #10.

6. Persepolis (DVD): I have no burning desire to see WALL-E (ok, so I just added it to my Netflix queue, aka “very long wait”), but an animatedmlvieof tis stripe holds more interest for me. Well rewarded interest.
7. Mongol (DVD): All Genghis all the time.Panoramic entertainment.
8. Zelary (DVD): Funny, this one did not stay with me at all, though I did like t at the time. Along with the next film, these tywo are several years old. Everything else is of fairly recent vintage (past 2 years)
9. An Autumn Afternoon (DVD). Like, over 40 years old and still worth a look see. The great Ozu.
10. Happy-Go-Lucky (Theater): Normally not the sort of movie I go to, but there was the need at the time to see something like this, and I drank it up and let it in. It may fade with time….

Keep in mind that this list does NOT include my sojourn to TIFF ’08, the great Toronto Film Festival. I blogged from there, starting with Day 1. The film Dean Spanley, for instance was just released in the UK, a few weeks before Christmas. Heaven only knows when it’ll come here. Then again…Heaven can wait.  On my third day at TIFF, I saw Dean Spanley, The Burning Plain, and Afterwards, that I might have rated 2, 4, and 20 or so, respectively. Lotta goods ones at that Festival.

My archived list of all 94 films can be seen here


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