Thanks you very much

spellcheck_fullLet me say first, I’m a horrible typist. Not that I’m slow (with my two fingers). It’s just that there are usually more mistakes than not when I finish typing something. Enter spell-check. After I type, the spell-check process takes longer than typing the original. That’s how bad I am.

Now we’ve all had the same experience. We type something, spell check it, then send. Soon we get back a reply pointing out the humorous error of our ways – the result of spell check replacing (or not catching a valid but incorrect word) in the outgoing message. These can sometimes be fun. They can also make you look like an illiterate idiot.

The one I make over and over and over again is adding an “s” on to the word Thank. As in “Than ks you”. Brilliant! I’m not sure where this comes from. The appended “s” doesn’t seem to be in a place on the qwerty where it would come up like that. But it does constantly.

I’ve only recently found that the Ghost in the Machine that changes words in documents to something unintended is called The Cupertino Effect. This naming came about as the result of the intended word co-operation being constantly replaced by Cupertino (e.g., Within the GEIT BG the Cupertino with our Italian comrades proved to be very fruitful.)

Cooperation is apparently hard to come by. Cupertino (home of Apple) is the least of its worries. There’s this example (for example): The Heads of State and Government congratulated SATCC for the crucial role it plays in strengthening copulation and accelerating the implementation of regional programmes in this strategic sector. From cooperation to copulation. Now, that’s progress!

Sometimes when people have odd or alternative spellings for their names, spell-spellcheckcheck will offer some very interesting suggestions. This can be a fun game to play. Try it sometime.

And thanks you for listening.


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