“I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled…”

Oldest Living AmericanWhen I saw the notice of Edna Parker’s death – the obit, as they say – it occurred to me that I’m seeing more and more of these: the death of the world’s oldest person. Well….just like there’s never a tomorrow, ‘cuz when it comes it’s always today…..the world’s oldest person is a;ways alive.

Edna was 115. Edna, bless her soul, wll never get any older. Now someone else is the world’s oldest person. We may or may not know who that person is, unless they have been “officially” designated by that old standby – the keeper of the flame, Guinness (not the beer, people). As soon as the world’s oldest living person dies, another reigning longevity King or Queen is crowned. On Wednesday, that person was Edna Parker. Now it’s Maria de Jesus of Portugal, who is also 115.

Here’s a Wikipedia list of the world oldest (living and dead). Remember though, only Guinness seems to have the cachet to appoint and crown winners, losers and record holders. Maria is at # 21 with a bullet on the all-time list. All-time, old-time, I guess. Waiting in the wings is La’s own Gertrude Baines (now 114). And while we’re at it, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Catherine Hagel: 114 years old this very day.

Here’s an additional oddity. Until August, Sandy Allen lived in the same nursing home as Edna. Sandy held the record as the world’s tallest woman…Possible ad idea?: “Heritage House Convalescent Center: We take ’em old, tall and everything in between.”


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